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Over the last 20 years, we have been building and integrating a wide range of business applications across various technology platforms, for local and international customers.

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Who We Are

Having been in existence since 1998, our track record of delivering complex integration projects in financial services and Telecommunications Industries, is a long and reputable one. Yellow Dog focuses on using the most appropriate technology and resources at the most suitable time in order to achieve optimal results.

This is why we are now known as a true integration company to our customer base and why we have coined the phrase "Specialist Generalists" to describe our team and what we do.

We maintain a broad set of skills across both mainstream and niche technologies on both traditional and mobile platforms. We are not biased against, or afraid of, any particular platform or technology.

Over the years we have built several frameworks and products that help us to rapidly develop solutions, integrate and deploy into customer environments.

We are passionate about our work, our people and our sponsors. Because of our love for what we do, we equate ourselves to professional athletes and this is why we call our customers sponsors.

"Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves -- to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today."

— Stewart B. Johnson —

Our Expertise

What We Do


Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection
Identify Me Immutably and Irrefutably

Customer Identification, Verification and Validation Solutions

We are a driver of innovation in Identity Verification and Validation Solutions across mobile and web platforms. Our software easily and irrefutably enables people to KYC/FICA/RICA or remediate themselves, using only their mobile phones. This allows organisations to manage compliance or governance requirements, whilst significantly reducing fraud and minimizing the friction of the customer on-boarding process. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into a customer’s processes and applications via structured toolkits, and can be utilised by consumers for voting, account openings, loan origination and payment authorisation.

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Designing and Building Customer and Employee Onboarding Solutions

We have a unique approach to aiding organisations in onboarding either customers or staff to ensure that once they have signed them up, that their journey is a smooth and engaging process with the organisation. The mapping of customer journeys is central to our design methodology to ensure that the customer is placed at the centre of the organisation’s thinking.

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Corporate and Retail Mobile Development and Enablement

We provide complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms. We offer custom mobile apps development, integration with your existing mobile applications, server backend development that integrates with mobile apps, as well as the ability to connect with existing business software.

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Custom Software Development, Data and Code Migrations and Conversions

With the dynamically changing technology encountered by businesses today, we are experienced in building and integrating a wide range of business applications across various platforms. Some of the services we offer are:

  • User Interface Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Database Integration
  • Project Management
  • Customized Microsoft Office Integration
  • Enterprise System Management
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Robotic Process Automation, Enterprise Automation and Workflow

We provide RPA solutions for organisations looking to digitise their working environments and drive their businesses forward into the fourth industrial revolution. Our platform empowers organisations to digitise with a less intrusive solution to improve the speed and accuracy of processes, while enabling employees to provide more value-added services during their working hours. Our solution is layered on top of Microsoft’s .NET framework, encompassing Microsoft’s large community of users and developers for insight and constant improvements. We engage with customers in establishing a strong RPA core in any organisation and will provide support throughout the automation process, allowing them to focus on their core businesses, while ensuring that the most suitable processes are automated with limited friction in the organisation.

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Artificial Intelligence

We provide AI components that can fit into any system or software; from descriptive and predictive data analytics to modern machine learning on-the-go. Our AI ability empowers smart searching and new customer insights, while saving businesses time and effort when extracting relevant information from their databases. AI enables organisations to focus on the core of their businesses and allows them to keep their customers satisfied with high levels of customer service and insight. Allow us to reduce the amount of uncertainty in your organisation by offering you access and flexibility to the services that your data will allow.

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Use Cases

Here For You

We have built solutions for various industries, including; Automotive, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Tourism, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Finance & Business Services and Healthcare.

Customer Onboarding - Financial Services Organisation in SA

Over a four year period, one of our solutions has opened over 2.8 Million Exemption 17 Products via a mobile application and over half a million accounts for other retail channels within the organisation. We assisted the organisation to reduce the processing time from days to an average automated processing time of under seven minutes and helped reduce their costs per account opened, by 70%.

Staff Onboarding - Financial Services Organisation in SA

We designed and built a platform, which is dedicated to ensuring that new staff members of a major South African bank receive a consistent, frictionless onboarding experience. The solution guides staff members and their management structure through a pre-defined onboarding experience, from contract signature through to their first anniversary. The staff are guided through the process via time-based notifications directing them through various activities, surveys, reviews, education and knowledge sharing and familiarisation. Similarly, managers are guided through the relevant management process associated with onboarding their new staff members. The process and it’s activities are tracked to ensure that onboarding is executed and experienced consistently.

Customer Journeys

We have assisted organisations in transitioning from an internal focus function to one that focuses on how customers interact with their various products, services and employees. We aid organisations in designing customer interactions that have a material effect on customer satisfaction, loyalty and the bottom line. We focus on plotting out a customer’s emotional landscape by way of a customer journey map, or experience map, as this sheds light on key opportunities for deepening those relationships.

Our Methodology

How We Do It

We use a service-based design approach on our projects to ensure that we deliver to both the technical and business requirements.

Over the years we have earned the expertise and track record to spear-head such an approach. We understand that the pace of business today necessitates that projects use an iterative/agile approach, ensuring that the objectives and evaluation criteria for each iteration are clearly defined. Assessment points are held at the end of every iteration to gauge it’s achievements and to then agree on the objectives for the next iteration.


The first stage (Inception) is focused on ensuring that there is concurrence among all stakeholders on the phased objectives, deliverables, scope, plans, approach and risks. This would be assessed through a formal gate review.


The second stage (Construction) ensures the solution meets stakeholder’s quality, functionality and stability needs to a sufficient level to progress into transitioning to production.


The Third stage (Transition) determines whether there is agreement that solution, business and support are aligned and ready for production roll-out.


The final stage (Operation) triggers operational processes including support and maintence (Incident Management Process; Change Management Process; Release Management Process), as well as monthly invoicing (Platform Licence Fees; Support & Maintenance Fees; Ad-Hoc Support & Development fees; and Change Request fees).

Our Purpose

Why We Do It

To create a profitable community of individuals who share a vision of blind loyalty to their sponsors, fiercely protect their co-workers and commit to treating all living things with respect and care.

The Yellow Dog symbolises this vision and can be deconstructed as follows: Yellow: The colour of the sun, fire and a symbol of warmth. Dog: A symbol of loyalty, trust, ferocity, commitment to the task and man’s best friend.

Being a Yellow Dog means we internalise all these qualities and live them.

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